EXSTEL loading equipment and technologies development and manufacturing different constructions.


PALGARD CRANE GROUP is a group of enterprises rendering loading, unloading, transportation and warehousing services that has evolved from the Swedish enterprise PÅLGÅRD & SÖNER KRAN AB, founded in 1972. This is a family company and its traditions date back to 1957 when the chief founding member of the enterprise began rendering the corresponding services in the Swedish logistics market. 

Today the main activities are loading and unloading in ports and terminals, warehousings and transporting different types of goods. Also manufacturingdifferent loading equipment, sales and service of hydraulic machines. Palgard Crane Group is operating in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Expert Baltic OÜ is developing new loading equipments and technologies, also manufactoring different cylinders, clamshell, grabs, containers and other constructions. Products are being sold under brand name EXSTEL.